Kitchens, Bathrooms, & Basements


First VisitDefining the Project

My first visit to your house will provide me with the necessary information to begin a project outline and cost estimate for you. During this visit we will discuss project objectives and discuss who shall provide a plan and material specifications.

Second VisitGoing over Details

With plan and material specifications at hand we will discuss selected materials and product literature. Soon after this visit I will provide you with a project proposal and estimate based on the proposed project description. I will also provide you with a list of references.

Next StepContract

I will provide you with a project proposal and schedule. Once we have the plan, material specifications, and a signed agreement, the project can begin.

Next StepPermitting

An applicable building permit is obtained.

Next StepPreparation

Before any work begins, steps are taken to control dust and protect flooring. This may include temporary barriers and as appropriate a temporary kitchen.

Next StepProject begins

Items outlined in the project description begin.

Next StepProject concludes

Sign off of all permits
Owner acceptance
Final payment